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Posts made in December, 2010

Panoramas:: Dai Gum San – Bendigo Chinese Precinct

I visited the Chinese Precinct in Bendigo last night during blue hour to capture a couple of panoramas with my new Sigma 8mm f/3.5 fish eye lens. It was a little on the cooler side for this time of year; I forgot a jumper and the mosquitos were hungry but I was more than pleased with the performance of the new lens and the resulting images captured. The lotus flower is beautiful at dusk/night as the lighting of the Dai Gum San precinct enhances the look and feel of the area. Click on the image below to launch the interactive 360° version Dai Gum San Lotus Flower 360° Dai Gum San...

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Panorama:: Bendigo Cathedral 360° Interior Panorama #5

Bendigo Cathedral 360° Interior Panorama #5 I purchased a Promote© Control for my HDR bracketing and couldn’t think of a better place than the cathedral to test it out. I made a mistake while configuring the Nodal Ninja 5 and set it to take 8 shots around rather than 6, long story short this image is the result of 150 individual images. It took a lot of time processing last night. (side note: just ordered the Sigma 8mm fish eye from DWI, expecting its arrival within 5 days which will cut down significantly on the amount of shots required for a full 360°) Technical Details: *...

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[PANORAMAS] Mt. Tarrengower 360° Panorama

While out in the chase of some storms I head up Mt. Tarrengower overlooking the historic Victorian town of Maldon, Victoria. While there wasn’t much of a storm to be seen there were a couple of nice blokes from Ballarat on their motor bikes that were keen for a chat about anything and everything. Here is a panorama from the first level of the lookout tower on Mt. Tarrengower. Mt. Tarrengower 360° Panorama By the way, if you are ever in Maldon and looking for something to eat, head to McArthur’s Bakery, Main Street Maldon, a trip to Maldon isn’t complete without a chunky...

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