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About Us

Marcus MawbyWelcome to the home of Mawby Creative.

Let me introduce myself, I am Marcus Mawby, the owner and head photographer at Mawby Creative.

Mawby Creative was conceived with an aim to offer virtual tour and photography services from my office based in central Victoria. At Mawby Creative I offer full screen, high definition virtual tours and photography for businesses wishing to showcase their products and services online in the most dynamic manner.

To ensure I provide you with a wonderful visual effect for your viewers and give them a unique experience that stands out, I draw from my expertise and knowledge to make sure everything I produce attracts and keeps your potential clients engaged, ready to book or buy whatever they are immersed in.


I Conceptualise, Create & Carve the Best Visual Experience that Your Business Needs to Stand Out in a Challenging & Competitive Marketplace


I know you must be curious to know about my background, experience, services I offer, and more. So here are the answers to those questions that you may be thinking about:

Having worked as a Financial Planner with experience spanning more than a decade, I understand the value of your hard earned money and you will be happy to know that I provide very cost effective services with a high return on investment.

Experience & Background

Having first picked up a digital SLR camera nearly 6 years ago now, I have unearthed the precious nuances of this awesome creative tool. I want to use my photography skills to give you the best visual experience from my gained knowledge and expertise.

To get an idea what I can do for you, please check out My Portfolio of work and Our Services page



In this internet driven world, my mission is to provide high quality visual content to clients, delivering increased website traffic resulting in increased bookings/sales with a high return on investment. I aim to offer each one of you an incomparable property or product marketing exposure.



My vision for Mawby Creative is to become one of the leading boutique virtual tour providers in Oceania/ South East Asia.


A Glimpse into My Services

With that vision and mission, I continue to offer specialised services in full spherical, fully immersive, high resolution, first-rate Virtual Tours, Panoramas and still photos.

I continually strive to improve on my last best work in an endeavour to offer you only the best. Also, I continue to venture into every aspect of this industry. I am proud to inform you that I can offer you customised services starting from photography to the ultimate in online presentations. I offer a top quality product with fast turn around and professional execution.

To compliment my expertise, I am constantly researching the latest trends in photography, especially the needs of internet savvy users and delivering customised virtual tour content to ensure my clients reap a maximum return on investment.

For more detailed information about the services Mawby Creative offer, please check out Our Services page.


My Equipment

I only use high end Canon digital SLR Cameras and lenses to create the best standard in 360° image and still photo creation.

I use professional tripod equipment from Manfrotto and a specialist rotating panoramic head from Nodal Ninja.

All my panoramas are High Dynamic Range (HDR). That is, I photograph a variety of diverse exposures, to perfectly capture the exact lighting conditions present in real life, starting from direct daylight, to shadows and everything in between, thereby ensuring that I provide you and your viewers an image that looks very real.


Who Would Benefit From Our Services

My high definition digital services are highly suited to the following areas:

  • Hotels & Luxury Holiday Resorts
  • Private Villas
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Commercial Developments
  • Private Resorts
  • Luxurious Residential
  • Caravan & Camper van manufacturers
  • Hospital / Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement homes
  • Education Campuses
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Rental Houses
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Churches / Sanctuaries
  • Conference Venues
  • Art Galleries
  • Holiday homes
  • Land Developers
  • Local Shires
  • Manufacturing / Assembly
  • Monuments / Museums
  • Retail Stores
  • Sporting Clubs & Stadiums
  • Trade show exhibitors
  • Yachts / Marine
  • And more…


What locations do we cover?

Although we are Australian based, we cover all of South East Asia, including Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.

Again, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Marcus Mawby
Mawby Creative

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