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Virtual Tours

Mawby Creative offers high definition 360° virtual tours for websites and multimedia purposes. With my virtual tours I engage and enable your viewers to interactively explore your property or product.

In this ever competitive travel and hospitality industry, as you will agree, every potential customer who visits your website is important. So why wouldn’t you want to give your visitor the best visual experience in viewing your property?

With Mawby Creative by your side, it’s possible to provide a first hand guided tour to your visitor! I instil my 360° virtual tours with every intricate element to provide a holistic view of your property by allowing your customers to virtually step into your hotel or resort, giving a high definition, in-depth visual impression of what you have to offer. My tours allow your guests to make informed decisions by virtually visiting your accommodation and leisure facilities, conference facilities, meeting places or guest rooms before they have made a booking or more importantly, gone elsewhere.

Boost your bookings and sales with Mawby Creative’s Virtual tour content

Virtual tours have proven to be extremely important to people when researching their accommodation options online. For my virtual tour content, I establish a perfect balance between engaging with the customers’ needs whilst keeping all your specifications in mind. I take tremendous care with the content of virtual tours I create for you.

My virtual tours are one of the best online marketing tools for the hotels, resorts, villas, lodgings, short term accommodations, B&Bs and more.

Interesting data and demographics about virtual tour viewers confirms Why As A Property/Product Owner You Should Invest In A Virtual Tour For Your Business:

  • Pew Internet research conducted in August 2006 stated that 51% of people in the US took virtual tours on the internet. This marked a 33% increase over 2004.
  • Over 5 million people used the Internet to take virtual tours. This figure has almost tripled since 2004 and the future holds immense potential.
  • According to study conducted by DoubleClick, virtual tours make 46% more bookings than still pictures. Therefore at Mawby Creative, I offer high definition virtual tours that are sure to touch the right cord with your visitors and get you more business.
  • You will be happy to know that 57% of vacationers and 46% of corporate travellers describe virtual tours on hotel websites “a very desirable feature” (according to a report by Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown and Russell and Yankelovich Partners). And this trend is only going to sky rocket.


Key Details of Mawby Creative’s Services

  • The production process of 360° virtual tours is not intrusive to both guests or staff.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, neither am I.
  • Affordable pricing, exceptional return on investment.
  • The price I quote is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges or extra travel fees.
  • I provide a standard 10 shot virtual tour package – with additional images on request.
  • Taking into consideration the interactivity and convergence of technology, I understand how important it is to make virtual tours compatible with every device and on every medium. Therefore, I offer virtual tours that are compatible with HTML5, iPad, iPhone, smart phones and more, to provide maximum exposure to your property/ product.
  • I offer photography, post-processing, tour integration and hosting in less than 2 weeks.
  • I provide you with full after-sales support, consulting with your website developers to integrate the tour into your existing site. We can also take care of the integration if that is required.
  • To further increase exposure for your property, the tour will uploaded to two of the biggest online resources for virtual tours – and


Time Frame

A minimum of two days is allocated for the virtual tour shoot. However, the time frame varies in each situation depending on the client’s requirements.


The Process

Here is an overview of the process I undertake to create the virtual tours to your utmost specification:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning: During this time I will consult with you about the key features of your property that you would like me to highlight and capture. I will then develop a shooting plan based on this information, including such things as what scenes are to be captured, what time of day you would like each scene captured allowing us to set the feel and ambiance for each image.

Step 2: Arrival and Shooting: When I arrive at the location I will talk with the representative of your property and walk him/ her through the shooting plan. It is at this time, we would ensure that all of the planned scenes are ready to shoot. For example, rooms are made up, gardens are tidy etc. Subsequently, I will proceed to the shooting stage of the process. Each scene is captured in High Dynamic Range (HDR) to perfectly capture the exact lighting conditions present in real life.

Step 3: Processing and Editing: After shooting from all the angles and after ensuring I have surplus footage, the captured images are then taken to the image processing stage to allow for editing. Each scene is meticulously post-processed to ensure the best possible image.

Step 4: Format, Compatibility and Testing: Once all scenes have been processed, the tour is created. It is compatibility tested to ensure it is viewable on various browsers, computers, laptops, phones and more. After this step, the virtual tour of your property will be viewable on any computer or mobile device in full screen and optimal resolution.

Step 5: Hosting: Once your virtual tour is ready to go live it will be hosted on our cloud based dedicated client server which provides detailed visitor tracking and reporting provided by Google Analytics.


So, what’s next?

Take your next step in attracting more customers to your property by contacting me to Request A Quote for further information.

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Just in case you’re interested in still photography, you might want to read this too:

Still Photography

Mawby Creative’s Still Photography to thrill your potential customers

Attractive, mesmerising and striking photography can help promote your property and get you record business. Likewise at the core of Mawby Creative lies the passion to capture a series of alluring, eye-catching and spectacular photographs of your property for you to use in multiple ways such as online, pamphlets, marketing material and more.

  • Wherever you are in the world, I personally undertake to shoot the virtual tour for you. I never contract work out to other parties.
  • I take great pride in my work and will deliver to your complete satisfaction.
  • With my experience and proficiency, I capture the beauty and spirit of a location and its imperative details.
  • Owing to my knowledge and experience I know the best combination of compositions that work best to engross probable customers. I constantly invest in technology and use the most modern equipment.
  • Moreover I circumspectly retouch every image prior to sending it for client’s feedback.

Strike a chord with your visitor with striking Still Photography from Mawby Creative and draw more visitors to your facility. Request a quote today.